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Pakene.fi (Escape.fi) –escape rooms in the city center of Turku offers you an engaging gaming experience, where the target of your group is to get out of the escape room during 60 minutes, by performing different kind of exercises and solving puzzles.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Escape Rooms


In the last 12 months several leading persons from different states have been eliminated and at the same time vital and important files and documents have disappeared. Intelligences and authorities all over the globe have tried to find out who is the killer, but no findings so far. Fear is rising around the world, who is the next victim? Your Agent Organization has given you the mission and task to find the evidences and find out who is behind of all this. A Mission where others have failed ……not succeeded so far…….

Group size recommendation 2-5 persons
Escape time 60 minutes
Recommended age 12+

Price List

2 persons

30 / person

3 persons

25 / person

4 persons

22 / person

5-6 persons

20 / person

Information about Escape Room -game

Escape Room is a fun and exciting real life escape game, where the purpose of the game is to get out (and survive) of the locked room during 60 minutes with your group. You need to solve different kind of puzzles and exercises to reach out of the room. If it gets too difficult, you can always ask for hints to support problem solving.
What is needed from you? A group of people that can think outside of the box, creativity, team work and communication skills. What is not needed? Physical strength, special skills and/ or special knowledge. Game is over as soon you get out of the room or latest after 60 minutes of trying it.

In one escape room, a group of 2-6 people can play at the same time. Recommended group size is 3-5 people.

Group of friends and colleagues, hen party group, students, sport clubs and just for everyone that wants to have fun and wants to take the challenges. It is suitable program also for example to birthday parties and workplace health promotion days.

You only need comfortable and relaxing clothing. Everything else you need during the game is provided at the Escape room game facility (like game instructions and equipment’s). In case you suffer from migraine or epilepsy, please contact us before making your reservation.

We ask you to arrive 10-15 minutes before your reserved game starts.

You can play Escape room game both in Finnish and English language. Instructions and Tips can be given to your group in Finnish and/ or English. Texts that are used in the game are both in Finnish and in English. (Hitman)

You can book the Escape room game via our net page Booking Calendar,
or by phone using number 050-5522250 (with Finnish mobile net), +358 50 5522250 (with foreign net). Unfortunately, we do not offer bookings via email. In case you want to play the game at the same day, you can inquire time slots for the game by phone. In case you need to cancel your reservation for a game, please do that latest 24 hours before. For late cancellations, we charge you fully.

Payment is due before the game starts. We accept cash payments, debit Card payments and mostly used credit cards.

In case you have questions, please contact us
By call:
050-5522250 (with Finnish mobile net),
+358 50 5522250 (with foreign net).
By email info@pakene.fi
By contact form (Attached)
We will reply back to you as soon as possible

Contact Us

Company name: Pakene.fi
Address (all Escape room games happen here)
Linnankatu 22d 20100 Turku
Mobile: 050-5522250 (with Finnish mobile net), +358 50 5522250 (with foreign net).
Email: info@pakene.fi
Attention: All Escape room game reservations are done via Booking Calendar or by phone.

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